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Will make your patio doors slide like new!

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     SliderMan, Inc. is a local family owned and operated business.

We are licensed, bonded and fully insured (including workmans comp).

We specialize in sliding glass door repair and do both commercial and residential work.

SliderMan has proudly served Lee, Charlotte and Collier Counties for over 12 years

and going strong.

     A beautiful view and a lovely patio or balcony are part of Florida living.

Sliding glass doors that open to this panorama are popular in SW Florida.

After time and use, rain and humidity, sand and salt spray, your doors will require

servicing to keep them sliding smoothly.  We know that the only working parts

on your sliders (besides the locks) are the rollers.


     There are many types of rollers available.  We specialize in providing the finest quality rollers for our customers and have some of the most popular models made especially for our company. We carry over 140 different types.  SliderMan rollers include precision bearing rollers, stainless steel, commercial, manufacturer’s rollers, and may have any combination of the aforementioned. Depending upon which type of door you have, you may be able to upgrade to a better quality roller than the typical manufacturer’s roller.

     We are sure, that we will have the correct rollers for your make and series of glass sliding door.  All rollers are installed with new screws and stainless steel screws are used whenever possible.    If your sliders are extremely old, we may be able to rebuild your old wheel/roller or better yet, retrofit a newer model of roller system into your old door.

     SliderMan, Inc. is celebrating our 13th anniversary this year and we rarely get stumped.

We know which rollers work best for each customer’s individual needs and are prepared to offer you the choices that you deserve.  Our goal is to provide you with an outstanding and affordable service, that is a cut above the rest, and for years we have been told by our customers, time and time again, how happy they are.  We believe that it's the simple things in life that make you happy, like a sliding glass door that glides like butter and lasts for years and years to come.

So go ahead and splurge, you will wish you had done it sooner.


     In some cases it is necessary to give your track a make-over.  We know that a bad roller

left in a door too long, will start to damage the soft aluminum rail that the door rides on

(this is where the black powder comes from).  Stainless steel rail cap can be applied with a

sound deadening adhesive, to make your damaged track better than new.

This is also applied in condo situations to cut down on the transfer of sound,

and with your new rollers, will make your doors whisper quiet and your neighbors happy.


     Weather-stripping is extremely important because it keeps the air conditioning in and the bugs and critters out.  Depending on the age of your doors, refurbishing your sliding glass doors may require new weather-stripping.  We carry a wide variety of felt and rubber weather-strippingWe also keep a huge variety of top guides, bumpers, brackets and whatever else your doors may require.  Our team will inspect your doors and make recommendations based upon your specific needs.


     We are equipped with many styles and finishes of locks and handles and are experienced in repairing existing locks as well as installing new and additional locks. 

Ask our knowledgeable staff about additional ways to keep your family safe and secure.


     SliderMan crews are trained to put down tarps and towels to protect your floors, (we will even put on booties if requested). The first thing we do is see what type of door you have.

We will make a recommendation as to which types of rollers are available for your doors

and anything else you might need according to your particular situation.


     We always discuss your options and prices for your approval before we do the job.  The SliderMan team will replace your rollers and whatever else you might like replaced, clean your tracks, wipe the frames of the doors and make sure all your panels are working properly with each other. We also make sure that everything is as level as possible, locking, and this comes with a year warranty on your new replacement roller systems.

    The original construction of your door wall opening plays a big role in how well your door slides.  Is your opening square?  Were the tracks put in perfectly straight or do they have high or low spots in them?  Is there enough room vertically to adjust the door to maximum roll or do you have header sag?  We will adjust each door panel the best we can considering all of these factors.  If there is not enough room from top frame to bottom track, we may not be able to remove the door at all.  In this case, depending on what type of sliders you have, it might be possible to remove the side frames and replace the rollers that way.  In this case, new bottom weather-stripping typically cannot be installed but in most cases, we can still install stainless steel rail cap for damaged tracks.  Challenge us, we don't get into fixing major structural problems but we might have a solution to your problem so you can avoid the costly alternative.


     Our repeat customers or frequent flyer list include hotel chains, resorts and condominium associations, numerous prominent real estate companies, door and window companies, first rate property management and home watch services, general contractors including excellent individuals involved in remodeling/home repair, an extremely wide variety of home service experts including everything from reputable glass companies, locksmiths, hurricane shutter and aluminum specialists, window cleaners, pool companies, lawn maintenance, heating and cooling, plumbing, electric companies and our list of friends go on and on…

     We have been recommended by a wide variety of businesses in just about every profession you could think of because our specialty is happy customers.

They all agree, The SliderMan Family Delivers!



We look forward to speaking with you in regards to your sliding glass doors.

     We give free estimates over the phone based upon the size of your doors and the type of glass that's in them (such as typical glass, double pane glass or impact rated hurricane glass).  Common door sizes include 6''8, 8' or 10' tall and 3', 4' or 5' wide. 

We always ask how many panels are in the entire opening including ones that may be stationary so that we can get a good understanding of what type of door opening we are working with. 

We realize that you may only want to do one out of X amount of panels in your opening. 

The better the info given to us the more accurate our quotes over the phone can be. 

We prefer to give pricing information over the phone and make one trip to do the work. 

This cuts down on the total cost to our customers.                                



Please Call 1-866-594-1969 for your free estimate now.